Last week, in particular, seemed extra challenging. As I, like many of you, try my best to navigate this difficult time. There is so much to conquer applying for business loans from the SBA, managing the funds I have left, and homeschooling my son through his assignments.
No one can deny the pressure of the times. Yet, there is the added emotional stress of dealing with the loss of friends and family. Over the last several months I have lost about 10 people some from complications brought on from COVID-19, others from unrelated health issues. Whatever the cause, losing a  loved one is difficult enough emotionally. When you add the fact that now we are unable to say goodbye in the traditional manner we are used to, it can be even more devastating. We can be left with a feeling of overwhelming and complete despair. As I scroll through social media there are days when Facebook reads like an obituary.
As a coach who is certified to help people overcome grief, I never thought I would be using the techniques for myself. I am writing this today as I know I am probably not the only one going through this at this moment. I will offer you some coping techniques as well as techniques to gain closure and overcome the feelings of grief.
First I want you to understand that everyone grieves in different ways and there is no right way to grieve. Some will want to talk about it, others will be quieter and deal with their feelings in an introspective manner, while others will seek different ways of dealing with their emotions. Another fact we should be aware of is that it may take anywhere from 2-5 yrs to get through the initial grieving process.
Here are some ways I deal with loss and feelings of grief.
Prayer. I consistently pray for my loved ones who have passed as well as their friends and family members. For me, prayer is a very intimate way to say goodbye and to spend conscious time in reflection.
Honor their memory, I created an album with photos and notes of our special times together.  This helps me remember the amazing relationship we shared.
After the death of my best friend, one of my coaches told me I needed to find purpose and that would aid in my healing.
I’ve created an award in her name and completed writing a book with a chapter about her.  My coach was right, it helped and moved me forward beyond the pain I felt.
I encourage you to allow yourself to feel the pain of your grief decide how long and when is the best time for you to grieve. Whatever you do don’t sweep your feelings under the rug. Allow yourself to cry, shout, or just be silent, Do what you need to do to understand all of your emotions.
I hope this post helps you cope a little better. Please share with me what you are doing to cope, it may help someone else who is grieving.

About the Author: Sifu Karl Romain has led a life of adventure filled with challenges and hard-earned successes. From immigrating to the US as a child to becoming a world champion martial artist, he has had the opportunity to practice overcoming obstacles and has become Unbreakable.

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