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Steven Dudley was a semi-professional athlete before moving on to an entrepreneurial career in the wellness space. He built and sold two businesses in Denver, Colorado. He openly talks about his mental struggles along his journey, and now he is helping his fellow athletes and entrepreneurs conquer their own mental battles. He is a mindset and performance coach for entrepreneurs and competitive athletes, as well as a forum facilitator, speaker and author. 

High Performance Mindset Coaching

#1 – Breakthrough

You’re on the verge of something big, you can feel it and you can see it. It’s right in front of you and you need one last push to breakthrough.

#2 – Re-ignite the Fire

You’re a success and along the long journey you lost the fire in your belly. You’ve been comfortable for far too long and you’re looking to re-find the energy that you started with.

#3 – Slump

You are in a dip, a slump, a negative place. You don’t know how, why or when but its real and its time to find a way out. You need to re-establish your winning ways, fast. 

#4 – Flying Higher

You’ve found your highest gear and you’re operating as your best self. You know you can reach higher levels, achieve greater things and leave behind a legacy. You’re looking for someone to hold you to that bigger vision. 

I Coach people who understand…
“if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”


Q Why Successful People Hire Coaches?

Blindspots, Accountability, The Impostor
Because no one can see the whole picture themselves and everyone from Roger Federer to Jeff Bezos has a voice in their head (similar to the one in yours). The more successful you get and the closer you get to something remarkable, the louder that voice becomes. As well as, feeling like no one understands your situation, you feel you are out growing your relationships and you feel alone on an island.
Coaches see you for who you are, where you want to go and hold space for you better than anyone else. Coaches lead you closer and closer to your fears. Coaches hold you accountable to yourself and open your eyes to the things you are missing (blindspots).

Q Misconception of Coaches?

Coaches aren’t mentors. Coaches aren’t better than you at your occupation. Coaches don’t need to be more intelligent than you, more successful than you, wealthier than you or more experienced than you. If coaches were all those things, then we would be the ones winning the gold medals, making billion-dollar deals and building rocket ships.

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