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With over 30 years of progressive education, marketing, sales and management experience in human fulfillment and organizational development, Marty Wolff teaches people how to predict and capitalize on future business trends.  Formed in 1998 the PosiDyne Group helps startups, entrepreneurs, salespeople, leaders and their multi-generation (Millennials to Baby Boomers) organizations rapidly increase revenue through the use of a communications model that improves clients’ interests in buying rather than being “sold”.

Our clients typically report that they have gotten better results, faster, easier and at a fraction of the investment in time and money — all with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.  They confirm that the PosiDyne Process is truly “selling made simple”.


Founded in 1998, the PosiDyne Group (Positive Dynamics) is a business consulting and training company with an emphasis on increasing revenue by using a proprietary communications model adapted from the counseling professions specifically for sales situations.


Compared to franchise-based selling sytems, our clients get better results faster, easier, at a fraction of the investment in time and money — all with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Faster – With our process there is no need for “lifetime coaching”.  Typically our clients learn everything they need to dramatically improve sales in 4 or 5 sessions that last from 1 1/2 – 2 hours each.

Easier – The PosiDyne Process features a variety of assessment tools that allow us to build from our clients’ strengths.  Our process is customized to our clients’ existing abilities, values and missions instead of forcing them to conform to a rigid  “system” that has failed to address market changes and trends. 

o Better – Because our clients can utilized their existing skills to get faster results they are encouraged to keep repearing the process with a compounding effect.

The PosiDyne Process is a proprietary communications model that can be practiced at home, at work, at church, in communities, etc. rather than waiting for sales situations.  Our clients are dealing directly with the creator of the system, not a franchisor with limited training and experience.

As the former National Sales Manager of two Fortune 1000 firms, Marty Wolff’s expertise goes far beyond “selling”.  Sales training is taught with an eye toward profitability, implementation, scalability and sustainability, not just increasing sales. 

Having worked with many “futurists”, Marty has a gift for spotting market trends and opportunities to help his clients gain competitive advantage and increase market share.  What is the value of avoiding a train wreck?


o Dissatisfied with their revenue (Business or Career) and believe that a major key to success in every area of life is “selling” (Product, Service, Idea).

o Doing well and want to accelerate growth OR attain a new level of success OR struggling and want to “turn the corner”.

o  Our referrals speak for themselves.  Read just a few examples.


Start-up companies have the advantage of having more time to prospect than organizations which have a full client fulfillment requirement.  It is relatively simple for them to increase sales by several factors.  Companies that have been in business for several years have the realtive disadvantage of less time available for prospecting, but any client of the PosiDyne Process should expect to increase by an absolute minimum of 20% in a relatively short period of time.

Return on Investment is dead.  In today’s increasingly competitive market, Impact on Investment is key.  The PosiDyne Process amplifies other marketing, advertising and networking effortrs.  By achieving greater results in less time, a better work/life blend is possible. 

Mastery of the PosiDyne Process helps people create better sales conversations, happier customers and staff, valuable strategic partnerships and successful outcomes.  We are so confident that you will immediately experience significantly improved sales results that we offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

There is no charge for an initial consultation.  I we are unable to help you achieve your sales goals in the timeline you need, we will be the first to acknowledge it.  Contact us to arrange a zero-pressure introductory session today.

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