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Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? To be the highest, noblest most enthusiastic you? I help high achievers live with virtue, honesty, happiness and an energized tranquil zest for life! Are you ready to elevate your standards, practice what works and master the game of living well?

Life Coaching/Business Mentorship/Mastermind Facilitator


Hello, I am Suzanne Taylor-King

I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Nutritionist, Life Strategist & Optimizer who supports people to activate the full potential of who they really are. I help executives create their visions, entrepreneurs to live more in balance, the overwhelmed discover their passions, the sick and tired live healthier and procrastinators & perfectionists to step into their power and share their gifts with the world.

I’m fully committed to embodying my potential and leading this life by example, and mentoring you to do the same! I guarantee your life will gain radical momentum, balanced personal growth and the peace and calm you deserve! I can’t wait for you to choose to move forward with me as you guide to living a balanced, vibrant, flourishing life!

Let’s have an espresso or tea in person or online….

If we are just meeting, let me explain a little of my story….

Like so many women I had struggled to balance work, exercise and staying fit and healthy. I was working, partying, drinking and eating late at night…the single life in the 90s! Developing, marketing and growing an Uber-successful retail business, before online shopping, before social media. Using unique marketing and word of mouth…that business grew from $3000-Multi-Millions, 5 franchises in just 4 short years! Year one sales $900k!

But, it caught up with me!

I was overweight, tired and stuck in a workaholic mindset!

Never saying NO to anyone, except myself!

Does that sound familiar?

Does the feeling of not being worthy of spending time and energy on yourself resonate with you?

What did I do?

I embarked on a personal healing journey and found a way to live a happier, healthier life without emotional eating, food limiting behavior and without using alcohol as my stress relief!

Over the last 35 years, I have empowered myself and embraced learning from experts in fitness, nutrition, mind/body connection, NLP, habit change, positive psychology, energy medicine, reiki, aromatherapy, meditation, mindfulness, non-toxic living, holistic healing, functional nutrition and herbal healing. Using all of these tools myself to attract the life I so badly desired!

Now I use that education and my intuition to have powerful conversations and create your personalized wellbeing plan!


BA Applied Science Level One Optimized Living Coach Mind/Body Fitness Coach Certified Corporate Wellness Coach Certified Holistic Life Coach Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach Certified Holistic NutritionistCaPP Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology Flourishing Skills Group Trainer Level II Sports Nutrition Certified NAHA Aromatherapist Reiki Master Certified Reflexologist Palouse Mindfulness Training Consciousness Engineering Program @Mindvalley Academy Board Certified by the Academy of Drugless Practitioners Founder & Developer of Reikiromatation & Positivity Bootcamp & AromaPositive Coaching Meditation Program Graduate of Won Institute NLP Master & Hypnotherapist 2020 **Additional Training in Energy Medicine, Duality, Public Speaking, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Workshop Facilitation & Design, & Yoga

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