Our Story

Are your heart and brain fighting it out?

We know the feeling of trying to be an authentic, life-changing coach while also building a business.

It's why we started Karma Koaches.

Let's be real: being a coach is hard.

Not like “push 30 tons of rock up a mountain” hard. It’s more like “lonely, frustrated, stuck” hard.

We know you can figure just about anything out. But between juggling client needs, scheduling, planning out your newest offer, and staying on top of emails (let alone social media!), it can be exhausting!

It’s so difficult to do it all by yourself:

  • Working intentionally with your existing clients
  • Getting new, perfect clients
  • Creating systems so your days feel easy-breezy
  • Finding a mentor who’s “been there, done that”
  • Growing as a coach and a person
  • Take stress-free time for yourself
  • And, achieving any other personal goals!

As coaches ourselves, we know how some days feel like a mud pit, when you’re stuck and don’t know where to go next! When the going gets tough, it can feel paralyzing where your only options are to work until you’re dead or just stop working entirely.

We help you grow a thriving coaching practice, in community.

You don’t have to do it alone. You can grow your business, meet amazing other coaches, expand your network, and feel renewed each and every day.

What We're About:

By Coaches, For Coaches

We know what it takes to grow a coaching business and what coaches actually need.


You'll find no "cliques" inside! Our Flutter Groups and mastermind sessions cross boundaries, professions, and stories. We welcome lots of different people into our community, from various backgrounds and countries.


It's why we're named after a butterfly! Take a chance and emerge from your cocoon into your beautiful, butterfly self when you join Karma Koaches.

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Meet Michaela

Founder & CEO of Karma Koaches

After I sold my previous pet sitting business, I took a break and began to explore what I really wanted to do. I realized that all I wanted to do was to help, support, and connect others in their journey of transformation. So, I started a life & business coaching practice, drawing on my experience in business and personal transformation!

The more I began to connect with other coaches, the more I realized: it's hard to find a great community to support you when you're a coach. So many of the communities I joined were too expensive or were pretentious and exclusive. The referral networks were only about generating business and Facebook groups didn't generate much business for me. I knew that the perfect community needed to generate business and was also a safe and warm environment.

In 2019, I launched Karma Koaches as a community to help coaches build a thriving coaching business. I wanted to create an amazing community for coaches like you to connect with others in a warm and safe environment, learn from other's mistakes (and share your own stories), and get leads from other coaches who don't do what you do! I can't wait to see you inside the community.

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