Submission Guidelines

Karma Connection is where people get to come together to share what they have learned through their own life journey. 

Karma Koaches launched in August of 2019 and we are growing like a beautiful weed, quickly taking over all the nutrients in the soil around us! 

Anyone, of any age can submit an original post that hasn’t been previously published anywhere including on your own site. Send us a bio for us to add you on the blog. 

Karma Connection is a space for people who want to share a piece of themselves with the rest of the world with honesty and openness. 

What Makes The Best Story?

  1. Keep your post personal, about you and your experience that touches, moves and inspires others. Share a specific experience, we want the juicy details! 
  2. Share from your heart. Fluff is great, but that isn’t what Karma Connection is about. 
  3. Share a few actionable steps in your post with what you learned. 

Why Should You Contribute to Karma Connection?

  1. Every post will include a bio plus links back to your website. 
  2. We are out to connect, create and transform the world and the only way to do that is by sharing with each other personal stories no matter how many years you have been on the planet, we can all inspire one another. 
  3. As we grow and expand we will have an even larger reach and we can’t wait for you to participate in the journey with us. 

Karma Connection Writing Guidelines

Use a quote and put it at the top of your post. Use a quote related to Karma that touches, moves and inspires you, please avoid song lyrics and pop culture. 

Word count between 1,000 and 2,000 words. 

Please do not reference your blog, coaching, book, speaking career or business in the blog post. This can be in your bio though. 

Please provide your original work where it hasn’t been published anywhere including on your own blog. Please be sure this doesn’t include any sections taken from one of your previously published posts either. Please do not add any links in the body of your work. 

In your bio please make it 100 words or fewer. You can send this bio with two pictures in the email and the story. 

To figure out the perfect topic to talk about, choose something that is not gender specific and is a personal story that you have actually experienced in your life and is something you want to share with the world. This is just your experience living as a human being just like the rest of us. 


Send your Karma story to [email protected] with the title of your piece in the subject line. 

We can’t wait to see what has shown up in your life to be able to share with the rest of the world!